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September's Migration Energy

This month we align our energies with the marvelous monarch seen in this picture taken in La Vista’s pollinator garden where the monarch caterpillars were feasting on butterfly milkweed. On another plant, I counted 10 caterpillars of different sizes. Are you also finding monarch caterpillars on your milkweed?

The monarchs’ last brood is the migratory form of this insect, those that will start their migration from Illinois to the overwintering grounds in forests in Mexico, traveling thousands of miles for 2 – 3 months. Who wouldn’t be amazed at their ability to change form, their energy, stamina, perseverance, innate intelligence, beauty?

We share the monarch’s ability to change significantly. In fact I read recently that a more accurate name for us would be human becomingsrather than human beings.

How do you see your personal evolution?

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