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Where Am I?

A Sense of Place

To truly know who we are, we must know where we are.  Having a sense of place grounds us and reminds us of an important context for our lives. 


We are Earthlings, members of the sacred community of the Universe!

Meeting of the Great Rivers

The cosmos
Mother Earth
Our place at La Vista

On this planet La Vista is located in the heart of the North American continent where America’s great rivers, the Mississippi, the Illinois and the Missouri, meet in a broad floodplain bordered by majestic 150 foot limestone bluffs that date back more than 250 million years.  La Vista sits atop these ancient bluffs with a striking view of the river and lands beyond.  This place naturally calls us to broaden our vision, to see with an expanded worldview. Our section of the river runs east to west, providing magnificent views of sunrise and sunset, inviting us to celebrate this cosmic liturgy daily.

Map - Meeting of the Great Rivers Bioregion

Here at La Vista

We are blessed to include in our sense of place the 255 acres the Oblates have called home for 67 years. Our most local spot in the Universe provides us with opportunities and responsibilities as members of Earth’s community and the Oblate community.  Caring for the land, providing safe habitat for native wildlife, growing healthy vegetables for local residents, and offering a haven of peace for Oblates and visitors alike are a few of the privileges of living and working in this sacred space.

Map of the La Vista Grounds
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