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January - The Promise of More

On December 6, 2023, John Surette, SJ, died peacefully, leaving a legacy of inspiration in his book The Divine Dynamic: Exploring the Relationships between Humans, Earth, and the Creative Power of the Universe, as well as in a series of his monthly ecology reflections. During these long January nights and short days, I plan on taking time to ponder Surette’s wisdom as I gaze out the window into the dark sky nights.

The first reflection in his book is perfect for the beginning of a new calendar year of life on our rare and precious planet. In “The Promise of More” Surette poetically reminds us that the entire evolution of the Universe is a promise of more:

-        The original flaring forth 13.7 billion years ago held the promise of atoms which took the form of billions of

galaxies “foaming into existence”.

-        The galaxies held the promise of stars, and millions of them “lit up the Universe like a cosmic Christmas tree”,

holding the promise of our solar system which held the promise of Earth.

-        Early Earth contained the promise of life which emerged four billion years ago within Earth’s ocean. Among the

burgeoning life were “we humans, that most creative and unpredictable of creatures”.

This brief history of more leads to the quote that most ignites my imagination: “The more that the Universe promises…points to the Ultimate Mystery that is more than we can ever imagine…a Mystery that is full of surprises and delights in change and adventure.”

Surette touches our humanity deeply, as we feel the promise of more as an endless aching need. “Our hearts are restless, and when we experience this restlessness we are participating in the promise of more that pulsates throughout the Universe".

This is the message of broader relationships and promise I look for during these literal and figurative dark and restless days on Earth. Thank you, John Surette, for sharing your rare and precious life with us.

(Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash)


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