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In partnership with the Oblate Ecological Initiative (OEI), Norman Comtois, OMI attempts to communicate the vision of La Vista Ecological Learning Center into the local New England area. This local community endeavor aligns itself with the self-organizing principle of the universe and of planet Earth. All programs and groups emerge out of the local community's dialogue and discernment.


This bioregional ministry includes:


Discussion Groups

Seasonal Celebrations


Communal Celebrations

Reflective Courses

Called to be a Compassionate People of God


This retreat day will be based on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si: Care for our Common Home where he states that the cry of the poor is the cry of Earth. This is a statement that encourages us to live as a compassionate people of God. During our time together we will open our hearts to the suffering of all people and of our Mother Earth. We are invited to experience a comprehensive compassion.


Place: D’Youville Health and Wellness Community, Lowell MA

Date: March 16, 9:30 – 3:30, 2019

Easter Triduum: Earth’s Passion Christ’s Passion


       There is a communion with God and a communion with Earth                                and a communion with God through Earth.                         —Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Our celebration of the Holy Week liturgies will be inspired by Thomas Berry’s reflections on the paschal mystery as a dynamic of the universe in which Jesus fully participated; we can no longer separate the Jesus Story from the Universe story and the Earth story.

Dying that others may live is a universal as well as an Earth experience. How to put this all together is our present challenge. 


Place: Genesis Spiritual Life Center,                                       Westfield MA                                                 


Date:   Thursday, April 18 – Sunday, April 21, 2019

Down to Earth Spirituality


Thomas Berry reminds us that we are called to do the Great Work of our generation. We find ourselves in a critical moment when our religious traditions must awaken again to the natural world as the primary manifestation of the Divine.       Science has given us a story of a time-developmental universe in which humans are related to all other forms of life, but this has not yet penetrated into our religious and spiritual consciousness. 


According to Berry, Earth is endowed with an innate spirituality which needs to be expressed in a nurturing and healing mode. Therefore we need a spirituality that emphasizes the biological process of the planet.


During our day together we will explore the implications of Earth spirituality 

The day will include teachings, reflection questions, dialogue, ritual, and quiet time 


"We will only protect what we love, and we will only love that which we regard as sacred." 

                        -Thomas Berry


Place: Rolling Ridge Retreat and Conference Center. No. Andover MA.

Date: April 27. 9:30 – 3:30, 2019

The Mystical Perspective of Earth                           and Cosmic Consciousness

This seven-dayretreat stresses the interrelatedness of the spiritual journey and the evolutionary story. It will explore the foundational topics of ecology, mysticism, and cosmology through the following:


* Group meditation and Four Directions body    


* Daily teachings on a particular theme,

   including Sacredness of Creation, Paradigm

   Shift, Awakening Consciousness, Centration,

   Cataclysm and Radiance 

* Reflective exercises to personalize and integrate

   daily themes

* Rituals, sharing, ample time for reflection


Place: Stella Niagara: Center of Renewal Retreat

           and Conference Center, Lewiston, NY


Date:  June 19 to June 25, 2019



Discussion group focused on the New Cosmology and related topics. Meets monthly in Nashua, NH.





Contemplative Eucharist

In the contemplative tradition, there is always the invitation to pray with fewer words leaving more space for stillness. This alternative liturgy will allow us to enter more deeply into the sacredness of the Paschal Mystery. Contemplative Eucharist is an invitation to bring together silence and mysticism within liturgy.


Place: Upon request.

Liturgy of Creation


The celebration of four Liturgies to honor the Season of Creation. Each week we will pray the Eucharistic liturgy as if Earth really matters. We will celebrate in solidarity with nature as our partner in worship.


Place: San Damiano House of Prayer, Lowell, MA


Daylong Courses on Cosmology and Ecology

Meets quarterly in Methuen MA with an annual retreat in Falmouth MA.

For more information, contact:

Norman Comtois, OMI

184 Highland Ave
Lowell MA 01851


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