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Leaving Home

June is the month when many young animals leave their “homes” and move out into the broader Earth community. Fledgling birds leave their nests, American toad tadpoles turn into toadlets and leave their water home; catfish young leave their nests, and bobcat kittens are born and head out on their own. It’s an exciting time with all this life burgeoning in June. Can you feel this energy of life as it instinctually leaves home to enter a bigger world?

This awareness of leaving home may lead us to consider our own lifelong process of leaving home. How many times have you left behind some image of the Great Mystery, some spiritual consolation or practice that provided a home for a time but no longer holds the Spirit? It seems we regularly outgrow our grasp of deep truths. It also seems that when we do a broader context opens up, and we are ready to go with the flow, with our own instincts. Instead of fearing change and loss, what if we trusted the rhythm of our life with Mystery? What if we not only trusted it, but also welcomed it, embraced it, even sought it out?

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