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What Does March Sound Like?

This wonderful month invites us outdoors to listen as nature awakens. On sunny days we hear cardinals again after a winter of silence while focusing on survival. Chorus frogs are also calling, sounding like a thumbnail scratched along a comb. What sounds do you hear in your area this month?

Emergence Magazineoffers listening exercises that evoke a new perspective toward sound as well as the power of silence. The authors of Listening for Silence tell us that “the act of listening to the natural world can profoundly impact our relationship to place, rooting us in a presence that we otherwise often take for granted”. Isn’t that enticing?

You can wake up to this “presence often taken for granted” by following the link below and participating in a lovely five-step practice. “Try to listen without judgment and simply be present, open, and curious.” Mindful listening can be a March prayer leading us to deep gratitude for the voices of creation all around us. What messages from the Divine do they share with you?

Photo by Ryk Naves on Unsplash

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