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Green Shoots of Spring

One of my favorite Mary Oliver quotes is taken from her poem Terns:

"But nothing you ever understand

will be sweeter, or more binding,

than this deepest affinity

between your eyes and the world."

I'm sure you have had that mystical experience of being entranced by a profound visual connection with nature. This time of year is perfect for nurturing that deepest affinity. La Vista provides stunning views across the river as the bottomlands begin to green this season.

As one looks into the Oblates Woods Preserve, the green shoots of a wide array of daffodils, jonquils and narcissus are spreading down the ravine beside the Lodge providing a fresh look for this new season of life. The Pollinator Garden is also greening up, getting ready to offer habitat and nectar for a variety of pollinators throughout the growing season. At La Vista CSA Farm, the greenhouse is already alive with sprouts for shares of early spring greens! Yum.

La Vista inspires us to experience our oneness with creation, feeling a deep connection with our "sister, mother earth" as Pope Francis calls her. Which aspect of springtime captures your eyesight, touching your heart as well, moving you to express gratitude?

Watch our Facebook page where we will announce the coming of the daffodils and the Virginia bluebells - sights not to be missed! Even if there is no program, we invite you to come and enjoy the wildflowers.

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